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Truck vs Car

So I went to the drive in movies to night n on the way out I was wating for trafic yo clere so I could leve the drive in. This car slows down nerely stops wating for me to go n I don’t move mind u I drive a F150 then this little siver car puts his turn singnal on to show he wants to turn in to were I siting ib the exit I don’t move at this point theb he flashes his lights at me to tell me to go a head n go well this is were I put my truck in park an thing I got all night to sit here do u? So at this point I thik he gets the picher that I am not going to mve to let him go In the exit n I think if we would have been in my moms excape he might have been able to squse pas us but sence we had my vig truck there was no room for him to go past me. After he got the pichter that I was not going to move for hine he finly keep gong n then went In the front to the box office. However little did he know that we are related to the maniger n we called the manger n toled him excatly wat ge tried to do. So all in all the siver car lose the stand off at the exit cus big truch will always win to little car but also got repermaned n confrenred about trying to go in the exit.


30 Days Challenge: Harry Potter

Day 12 - top five quotes from the book

As far as I’m concerned, there are two categories of quotes that can be taken from Harry Potter: the ‘deep’ ones, and the funny ones. For me, the funny quotes have always been more memorable because I think there is some excellent humour in Harry Potter. The deep and meaningful ones are great too, but I tend to remember the message more than the actual quote.
(Oh, I know there’s only three quotes here, but they will have to do.)

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